How to get National ID (Rastriya Parichaya Patra) Card In Nepal?

Here’s a detailed guide on how to obtain the National ID (Rastriya Parichaya Patra) in Nepal:

The Rashtriya Parichaya Patra, commonly known as the National ID, is an identification document issued by the Government of Nepal.

How to get it? How To Apply?

Step 1: Online Application

Begin the process by applying online through the official website:

Online Application

Online Application

Online Application

Online Application

Step 2: Complete the Form

Fill out the online application form thoroughly.

Step 3: Book an Appointment

Step 4: Visit Nearest District Admin Office

Collect the necessary documents for your visit:

  • Marriage certificate if married (Original)
  • Citizenship card - original
  • Verified Citizenship copy if the card is hand-written or from another district
    • Get it verified from a designated window in District Administration Office (DAO)
  • Land Migration Certificate (Basai Sarai) - if moved from another district
  • Printed copy of the appointment letter received online

Step 5: Biometrics

Provide biometric data during your visit:

  • Photograph
  • Eye scan
  • Thumbprints
  • Signature

Step 6: Verification from Level 7 Officer

After biometrics, your details and photo will be printed on a piece of paper. Verification will be conducted by a Level 7 Officer.

Documents needed for this step:

  • Basai Sarai original
  • Citizenship original
  • Printed paper with your details

Step 7: Document Scanning

Return to the biometric room to have your documents scanned.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully obtain your National ID in Nepal. Make sure to provide accurate information and complete the necessary steps as instructed.

How it looks?

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