नाता प्रमाणित गरी पाँउ भन्ने वारे - Nata Pramanit Nepal

Here’s a comprehensive guide on obtaining a Nata Pramanit certificate in Nepal:


Step 1: Write an Application Letter

Begin by writing a nibedan/application letter addressed to the ward chairperson. In this letter, request the verification of the relationship between the individuals listed and yourself. Make sure to include the names of the people and specify your relationship with them in the letter. You can use the provided template for reference:

Nibedan/Application Letter

Step 2: English Version Certificate (if required)

If an English version certificate is needed, your municipality may provide it for you, or you may be directed to a nearby cyber cafe to prepare the English version documents. A sample of a relationship certificate in English is shown below for reference:

Relationship Certificate with Sponsor

Step 3: Obtain Letter Pads

Visit the ward office and request two copies of letter pads. Although only one is required, having an extra copy can be useful, saving you from another trip in case it’s needed.

Step 4: Prepare Required Documents

Gather the necessary documents, which include:

  • Copies of citizenship certificates for each adult person
  • Copies of birth certificates for each child
  • Copy of the land-migration/Basai-sarai certificate if you’ve migrated from another ward or district
  • Nibedan/application letter signed by you

Additionally, attach photographs and create photocopies of these documents so that the ward office can keep one copy for their archive.

Step 5: Visit Ward Chairman’s Office

Take your prepared application letter and required documents to the ward chairman’s office. Request the chairperson to sign your letter, verifying the relationships mentioned.

Step 6: Darta-chalani Department

After obtaining the ward chairperson’s signature, proceed to the Darta-chalani department to get your application registered. Make any necessary payments as instructed by the authorities.

Step 7: Collect Your Certificate

Upon successful verification and registration, you will be notified to collect your Nata Pramanit certificate. This certificate serves as official proof of the verified relationships and can be useful for various legal and administrative purposes.

By following these steps, you can obtain your Nata Pramanit certificate in Nepal smoothly and efficiently. Make sure to provide accurate information and follow the instructions from the local ward office closely.